Broken Windows? Why You Need To Take Care Of The Problem Right Away


If your commercial windows are damaged, you may be postponing the repairs, especially if the damage is considered minimal. Postponing the repairs may seem like a good way to save some money, but you might actually end up losing money. Take a look at just four of the many reasons you need to take care of commercial window repairs in a timely manner. 

Avoid Liability Issues

If your commercial windows are damaged, postponing the installation of new ones could put you at risk for liability issues, especially if any of your customers are injured as a result of the problem. Those cracks and chips may not seem like a big deal, but they can actually cause significant injuries. First, the edges of those cracks and chips could be sharp, which could result in serious cuts. Second, those chips and cracks could cause your windows to shatter, which could lead to injuries much more serious than minor cuts. To protect yourself from lawsuits and liability claims, always repair your commercial windows as soon as a problem is identified. 

Prevent Additional Damage

If you've identified significant cracks and chips in your commercial windows, you need to schedule the installation of replacements as soon as possible. Damage, such as chips and cracks, can usually be repaired quickly. Unfortunately, small cracks and chips don't always stay small. In fact, over time, those small blemishes can increase in size and severity. If that happens, you'll be looking at costlier repairs. If those minor chips and cracks have increased in size and severity, it's time for the installation of new windows. 

Alleviate Insurance Concerns

If your commercial windows are damaged, you need to be concerned about insurance issues. First, if you filed an insurance claim for the initial damage to your windows, your insurance company will monitor that claim. If you fail to install new windows and someone files a claim for injuries, your insurance company may realize that you didn't take care of the initial claim. If that's the case, your insurance company may cancel your policy. To alleviate insurance concerns, take care of your window replacements right away. 

Protect Commercial Property Value

Finally, if your commercial windows have visible damage, your property value may suffer the consequences. This is particularly true if you're about to have your commercial property appraised for loan purposes. Damaged windows can adversely affect the value of your property, which can jeopardize your loan process. To protect the value of your commercial property, install new windows as soon as possible.

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14 February 2020

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