A Lesson About Windshield Repair


If you have a damaged windshield, then you may not need to have it fully replaced. Small cracks may be able to be repaired. Not only is this more affordable, but it's also more convenient. If you have a chip or a small crack in your windshield and you  A. Don't know if you should drive it, B. Can't take the time to bring it in, or C. Just don't feel like bringing it in, then you can call for mobile windshield repair. This means the windshield repair tech will come to where your car is and take care of the windshield repair for you. Here are some of the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions people ask about mobile windshield repair and windshield repair in general:

Do you need to supply anything?

If you call for mobile windshield repair, then you need to be able to give a proper address to where the car is located and be sure that the repair tech is going to have safe access to the car. For example, you want to be sure you have any potentially dangerous dogs put up and secured so they can't accidentally get out and cause a potentially dangerous experience for the tech. Other than following the advice in this paragraph, you won't need to supply any types of tools or equipment.

Does it take a long time to do the repair?

Unless there are certain circumstances in your case, the time for repairing a windshield is usually less than half an hour. A full windshield replacement can take about an hour, but you also have to make sure you don't get in the car and drive it for at least an hour after it has been replaced. If you have one of your side windows replaced, then you will be able to drive the car right after it is finished.

What determines whether the windshield can be repaired or if it has to be replaced?

Even a small chip can require full replacement in certain circumstances, one of which could be a chip that's deep and located in an area of the windshield that takes on the most stress, as well as other factors. Cracks can also be in the wrong place or they can be too long. The technician will consider all the factors and let you know if a repair job can be done, and then perform the repair if needed


21 February 2020

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