Protecting Your Vehicle's Windshield From Damage


If you are a vehicle owner, you know that taking extra precautions help to keep your driving vessel in the best condition possible. One portion of your vehicle that needs extra care tactics is the windshield. Try the following tips to minimize the chance of cracking or shattering this important piece of glass.

Take Care To Park Your Vehicle In Safe Areas

Auto glass often becomes damaged due to the elements around a vehicle when it is in a parked position. To minimize the risk of a problem, park your vehicle in a spot away from potential hazards. For example, if you have the choice of a parking spot under a tree or one out in the open, opt for the latter. Keep your vehicle away from ball fields or spots where avalanches or rockslides are known to occur as well.

Conduct Routine Inspections Of Your Windshield

If you happen to have a small crack or nick in your windshield's glass, it is likely to intensify in length and depth if you continue to drive your vehicle. This is due to the impact from the force of air pushed against the glass as you drive. To avoid breakage, inspect the condition of your windshield on a routine basis. Start at the top of your windshield and visually check from left to right or vice versa that there are no alterations present. If you do notice a flaw, contact an auto glass service immediately. They will repair the area using minimal time and supplies, saving you from a more costly event that would occur if the crack was to worsen.

Use Protective Coverings To Minimize Damage Risk

When you park your vehicle, consider covering it with a vinyl or plastic tarp to protect the windshield from harm. This protective covering reduces the risk of cracking if something falls or is projected toward your vehicle's windshield. Coverings also keep the windshield clean, helping you to recognize flaws more easily when you conduct a visual inspection of the glass.

Drive With Your Windshield In Mind

When you take your vehicle out for a ride, make sure not to go over the speed limit so you have enough time to react if you notice a projectile coming toward you. Keep enough distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you so debris that vehicle kicks up does not fly toward yours. Avoid areas where road work is being done and take another route instead so rocks and debris are less likely to be in the vicinity. In addition, avoid driving on gravel roads if possible. 

Contact a local auto glass service now to get more tips.


25 January 2021

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