3 Reasons You Should Consider RV Windshield Replacement


As you look forward to your retirement, you are probably planning how you will spend your days on the road traveling in your motorhome. For the many people who love travel, this is a great accomplishment they look forward to with enthusiasm. When the time comes, you just want to take a deep breath and enjoy the trip. But what do you do if a rock flies up at your windshield and leaves a crack? Do you repair or replace the windshield?

Your windshield is important since it keeps you safe while on the road. No matter how much you want to continue your trip, you cannot continue with your travel when you have cracks on your windshield. Most RV owners in such situations consider repairs first. However, there are instances where RV windshield replacement is necessary. Here are three reasons you should seek replacement over repairs.

1. Location of the Damage

If you have a hairline crack on the passenger's side, you may not need to replace the entire windshield. However, when the crack is on the side of the driver, it might obstruct your vision more and make driving a bit difficult. This should be replaced as soon as possible if you are to stay safe while on the road.

Also, small cracks may eventually become bigger over time. With changing temperatures, the small cracks tend to contract and expand. Again, if it is on the edge of the windshield, you need timely repairs since the crack might spread rapidly. If the crack extends further, then your windshield will need replacement.

2. The Size of the Cracks

More often than not, windshield cracks that are less than three inches are easier to repair. Windshield experts use specialized resin to repair the cracks. However, not all cracks can be fixed with the resin. If you have a crack that is long, it will obstruct your vision while on the road, and the only way to handle it is to replace the windshield.

3. The Severity of the Cracks

While size and severity might sound the same, they are significantly different. The structure of the windshield is important in maintaining its integrity. Regardless of the length of the crack, consider how the damage affects the structural integrity. To determine this, always get an expert to examine the damage. They will advise on whether to do repairs or replacement.

Always ensure windshield cracks are taken care of immediately. Luckily, you can always bring the services to you through mobile RV replacement services. You have no reason to risk your life with a broken windshield.


10 May 2021

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