Is A Windshield Replacement Necessary In Your Situation?


A windshield replacement project can sound drastic, especially if the damage appears limited to one small spot. You might wonder whether you should go through the bother of having a professional remove the existing one to do a full windshield installation. Let's look at four times when it's wise to deal with the problem immediately.


Most windshield cracks of less than half an inch in size can be handled with repair kits available at typical automotive stores. However, once a crack gets beyond that size, you should presume a windshield replacement is necessary. Bear in mind this measurement is based on the widest dimensions of the crack in any direction, even if it is fairly thin.

Accumulated Damage in Multiple Locations

Even if the cracks are smaller than half an inch in size, the accumulation of damage will eventually compromise the windshield. If there are at least three visible cracks in the windshield, replace it. Do so even if the cracks are in one of the corners of the passenger side and seem harmless. A compromised windshield can be a threat in an accident, and you don't want to find out the hard way whether the windshield is too damaged.

Damage in the Driver's Field of View

You shouldn't consider a car drivable if there are any cracks in the driver's field of view. Do not assume you can fix these with products from the store, even if the cracks are small. Repair solutions will cause mild distortions, and you can't afford these in the driver's field of view while operating a vehicle at highway speeds.

Given the relative cost of towing, you may want to have a mobile windshield installation company handle the work rather than taking the vehicle to a shop. A mobile windshield replacement technician can usually do the job on the spot so you'll get on your way quickly. Either way, you should not drive the car to the shop if the driver's field of view is obstructed by visible damage.

Cracks at the Edges

Damage at the edges, especially where the windshield meets the seal, is never a good thing. These can become points of failure, even if they appear to be holding up while you're driving. Air pressure will continue to stress these cracks, and they may eventually fail, causing part or all of the windshield to collapse into the vehicle.

You should assume this sort of damage is inherently structure, too. In other words, fixing it with sealers or epoxy won't restore its strength. 

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8 April 2022

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