FAQs About Impact-Resistant Windows


Are you grateful to still have a home after going through a severe storm, but dread having to replace the shattered windows? Depending on the region your home is located in, it might be in your best interest to put some thought into the quality of replacement windows that are purchased. You do not want to end up having to replace the windows again when another severe storm arises. If your region receives hurricane-strength weather or has a history of tornados, you need to invest in impact-resistant windows for your home. Impact-resistant windows will give you the peace of mind that your windows are designed for withstanding the effects of severe weather.

Can Impact Resistant Windows Break?

It is possible for impact-resistant windows to break, but they can withstand a much larger amount of force than other windows because of the way the windows are designed and the materials they are made with. For example, impact-resistant windows are designed with multiple panes of glass that are shatterproof. Even if objects are thrown at the windows due to high winds from hurricanes or tornadoes, the glass will not shatter into pieces. The strength of the windows also stems from the panes of glass having an adhesive layer along with being installed in high-quality frames.

How Are Impact Resistant Windows Beneficial?

If you get impact-resistant windows installed, it could result in your home insurance premium getting decreased. However, you will have to let your insurance provider know that the windows are installed and provide evidence. Impact-resistant windows are also beneficial for protection against ultraviolet radiation, which can protect your skin and the interior of your home. A major benefit of the windows is that there is a smaller risk of getting harmed from flying glass during a storm. You will have protection against burglars breaking the windows to enter your home as well.

Can an Amateur Install Impact Resistant Windows?

You can purchase impact-resistant windows and install them on your own, but you might regret it later on. Poorly installed windows can lead to them not being as effective as they are designed to be. For example, if the frames are not properly secured, the windows will be easier to get knocked out by flying debris. Rather than shattering, the entire window unit might get knocked out of the wall. When you are ready to invest in impact-resistant windows, hire a professional to install them on your behalf.


27 September 2022

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