How To Care For Your Newly Replaced Windshield


Getting a new windshield is an exciting time. After all, any time you can safely and securely keep the elements outside of your car is a win-win.

However, there are some steps to take after you've gotten your windshield replaced that will help ensure it lasts for years. This article dives into what those steps are.

Curing the Adhesive 

Once your new windshield has been installed, ensure the adhesive used to secure it cures fully before you hit the road. This curing process usually takes several hours, depending on temperature and humidity levels. 

When the temperatures are higher and the humidity is lower, it will take less time for the adhesive to cure since it can evaporate faster. However, when temperatures are lower and humidity levels are higher, the adhesive will take longer to cure as the moisture from the air prevents it from evaporating quickly.

During this curing period, try not to move or adjust your car too much — for instance, avoid opening or closing windows or sunroofs. The more stillness around the new window, the better since that will help the adhesive fully bond and adhere to your car.

If you can't wait for your adhesive to cure before driving, you should at least take a few precautions. Start off by driving slowly and avoiding bumps or sharp turns. This will help prevent too much movement, which could cause the adhesive to come loose. 

Also, avoid using windshield wipers or spraying water on your new windshield until the adhesive has cured. Not only will this help ensure it stays in place, but it can also prevent any water and debris from getting stuck between the glass and adhesive.

Checking Your Seals

After getting your windshield replaced, you should periodically check in on how secure its seal is over time. You could check your seal each time you visit the car wash to ensure that water isn't seeping around the edges. If there is, you may need to get the seal re-applied or adjusted.

You should also check in to ensure that your windshield corners are still secured properly. This is especially important if you travel on bumpy roads often, as that can cause some corners to come loose over time.

Taking care of your newly-installed windshield can be a breeze. Just ensure you pay attention during its curing process and regularly clean and inspect it afterward. By following these simple steps after getting a new window installed, you can help ensure that it stays in excellent condition for years. So don't forget — take care of your new windshield now so that it can take care of you later.

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30 March 2023

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