Why Getting Auto Glass Repairs Shouldn't Be Delayed


In order to keep your vehicle running well, it's essential to keep up with basic maintenance. In order to be safe while driving, it's important to stay up on windshield maintenance as well. While some people may delay auto glass repair for a variety of reasons, it's important to know that most minor damage becomes much bigger and more difficult to repair. Also, any damage to glass, even thick windshield glass, may lead to shattering. When driving on the freeway, a suddenly shattered windshield would lead to potential disaster. There are some other really good reasons not to delay windshield repair. 

Most Damage Can Be Repaired

While some windshield damage might be impossible to repair, the most common issues people see on their windshields are repairable. The rule of thumb is that any chip that is smaller than two or three inches can be filled in and safely fixed. When it comes to cracks, even cracks that are starting to spread, as long as it's not longer than the size of one of the dollar bills in your wallet, it can also be fixed. Once it gets beyond five or six inches, however, the repair won't properly hold up and could still leave the crack to spread.

Mobile Repairs Are Common

Most auto glass repair is now mobilized. It has become so flexible that most companies that provide this type of repair can make a chip or crack repair around your schedule. They can come to your home or to wherever you work and fix the glass. Even full windshield replacements can be done in under an hour at your home. So convenience or time is no longer an issue when keeping your auto glass in good shape. Many companies offer scheduling right on their website, too, so you don't even have to talk to anyone on the phone.

Most Repairs Are Inexpensive

Even if you have to have your entire windshield replaced, it might be fully covered or partially covered by your insurance. When it comes to rock chips or cracks on your windshield, the cost for these small repairs is usually affordable for most budgets. Some chip and crack repairs are also covered by insurance, so it's worth asking your insurance about to see if you have that coverage.

Not having the time or energy to fix your vehicle is no longer an excuse. It's not worth risking your safety to drive with a damaged windshield, especially when it can be fixed fast and inexpensively. Take the time to get online and schedule a repair time that works for you.

Contact a local service provider, such as Nacco of Illinois, to learn more. 


1 May 2023

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