Broken Windows? Why You Need To Take Care Of The Problem Right Away


If your commercial windows are damaged, you may be postponing the repairs, especially if the damage is considered minimal. Postponing the repairs may seem like a good way to save some money, but you might actually end up losing money. Take a look at just four of the many reasons you need to take care of commercial window repairs in a timely manner.  Avoid Liability Issues If your commercial windows are damaged, postponing the installation of new ones could put you at risk for liability issues, especially if any of your customers are injured as a result of the problem.

14 February 2020

3 Bathroom Mirror Installation Methods


Hanging a big mirror in the bathroom is tricky because if you make a mistake, the mirror could fall and shatter. That's likely to happen in a bathroom since the floor and surfaces are made of hard materials, such as porcelain and stone. There could even be building codes you have to follow for safety reasons. It may be best to hire a glass company, like Econo Glass Systems, to install your bathroom mirror.

10 February 2020